Looking for a new hair colour, want to maintain your existing colour or do you just need to rid yourself of those unsightly greys?

Whatever your needs, Fresh Lifestyle Salon’s hair colour experts will offer advice and inspiration, based on their experience and expert knowledge. And because we use Aveda’s Full Spectrum™ Colour exclusively, you can expect rich, vibrant, customised colour to suit your needs; from vivid reds and beautiful blondes, to rich natural-looking brunettes, all with exceptional hair condition, from naturally derived formulas* that drench each hair strand in sunflower, castor and jojoba oils.


Call now and book a complimentary consultation with one of our colour professionals to discuss your hair colour options


Want to really stand out from the crowd or release your inner diva? Why not try a shimmering new blond look? Whether it’s buttery gold, icy platinum, rose or lavender, Aveda’s Enlightener Blonding System, infused with organic sunflower, jojoba, and castor oils creates the beautiful blond you’ve always wanted, and keeps hair in the best possible condition.


Looking for a more subtle change of colo

ur? Want to create texture and shine? Why not try highlights or lowlights. Whether it’s baby blonds and caramels or reds and chocolate browns, highlights brighten the natural hair colour, (lowlights darken the natural colour), whilst creating tone and texture in the hair. Choose:

Full Head High/Lowlights: Application of foils throughout the head; perfect for a full colour change, shorter layered hair, or if you wear your hair up.

Half Head High/Lowlights: Application of foils to the top and sides of your head; perfect for giving your natural colour a lift, to soften your natural colour, for long layers and one length hair, or between full head appointments.

Parting High/Lowlights: Application of foils along the parting and around the face to enhance your natural tones; perfect in between appointments or to cover grey.

High/Lowlights Slices: A few strategically placed foils to enhance your look, frequently combined with a deposit-only or permanent colour application to accentuate the highlights.


Looking to brighten your look with highlights? Balayage may be for you.  A French term meaning to sweep or paint the hair, balayage is increasingly popular with celebrities and models who desire a more sunkissed look.  “The most natural balayage results are when the colourist paints the highlights on by hand, paying attention to where the sun might lift hair naturally.  The bespoke results will be less uniform and more sunkissed than traditional foil highlights,” explains Sarah, our resident balayage specialist at Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa.

As this method or highlighting is softest at the root area and more concentrated towards the ends of the hair, maintenance is low, providing an appropriate Aveda shampoo and conditioner is used together with regular treatments.  Call us today at our Islington salon and schedule a complimentary consultation.


Considering a total colour change, perhaps to redhead or brunette? Fresh Lifestyle Salon’s colour experts will advise you on a hair colour to suit your skin tone, and lifestyle. Choose from two Aveda colour systems:

Deposit-Only Colour:  Enrich your natural shade and infuse hair with incredible shine using Aveda’s 99% naturally derived deposit-only formula. Designed to fade gently on-tone in 6-8 weeks this formulation is ideal for those who want to go darker or enhance their natural colour without the commitment.

Permanent Colour: Add depth to your hair’s natural colour, cover grey, or completely change your natural colour with our fully customisable permanent colour crème.   Our 96% naturally derived formulas deliver damage free results with incredible shine and fade resistance for long lasting colour from service to service.

Your new hair growth will need to be re-coloured every 4-6 weeks approximately.


Want to colour your new growth or cover unwanted grey hair?  Our re-growth service keeps your gorgeous Aveda colour looking fresh and vibrant between full head colour applications. And to keep the mid-lengths and ends looking fresh and vibrant add a

Call now to book a complimentary consultation with one of our colour professionals to discuss your hair colour options.


New season, career change or just time to shake things up? Fresh Lifestyle Salon Colour Change Services may be just what you’re looking for.

Light to Dark Service:  Bored with light colored hair? Tired of the constant maintaining the re-growth? Want a deep, rich shade that brings out your eyes and looks radiant against your skin?

Why not try our corrective light to dark service?

Two separate colour applications are typically required. The first fills your hair with the pigment it will need to hold onto your new darker shade. The second produces the shade that is just right for you and leaves your hair looking polished and radiant.

Dark to Light Service: Want to be a few shades lighter all over, not just with highlights? Are you ready to wow your friends and colleagues with a new lighter shade?

Our corrective colour removal service is perfect when you’re looking for a lighter colour and you have a build-up of darker colour on the hair.

We’ll first prepare your hair for your new lighter look with a colour remover.  This process may need to be repeated, depending on the level of your existing colour and the degree of lightness you desire. Once the artificial pigment has been removed we’ll create you’re rich, new vibrant colour.

We recommend you follow your Colour Change with the Botanical Therapy Hair Treatment and Repair Masque to lock in your new colour.

Colour change services require a consultation with a technician to ensure the correct timing for your appointment.   

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