5 Hairstyles To Try In 2018

Hairstyles To Try in 2018 at Fresh Lifestyle Hair Salons in Islington, Fitzrovia and Blackheath

Have a Fringe 

Fringes are back with a vengeance in 2018.  Your stylist will be able to find a fringe that suits your face shape and goes well with your hairstyle.  For a unique ‘take’ on the fringe consider the ‘flyaway fringe’ which looks a bit like a quiff but less structured… as if your fringe has been caught in a light breeze.

Add Layers to your Bob

Who says bobs have to be straight and sleek?  Have fun with your bob and ask your stylist to cut in some layers to give it movement.  Then get out the curling wand and add a few waves and maybe a cool hair colour such as brunette, copper, silver grey or balayage… you’ll be bang on trend for 2018.

Become a Brunette

Consider adding some chocolate brown, auburn or red tones through your hair.  Move over blondes – in 2018 it will be all about the brunette!

Love Your Curly Hair

Embrace your curls during 2018 for an on-trend hair look.  If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair or afro curls, now is the time to show them off.  Get a great hair cut to give them shape and invest in a conditioning treatment at Fresh Lifestyle hairdressers.

Have a Professional Blow Dry

Do you remember the fabulous supermodel Cindy Crawford? Well, you will understand precisely what we are talking about when we predict the 2018 trend for big bouncy blow dries.  With its nod to the 1980s, this hairstyle looks luxurious and full of volume and can only truly be created by visiting your local Fresh Lifestyle hair, spa & beauty salons!

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