Easy Beach Hairstyles

Easy Beach Hairstyles

Best Beach Hairstyles by Fresh Lifestyle Hair & Beauty Salons in Islington, Fitzrovia and Blackheath

If you are going on a beach holiday soon then getting a straightforward and carefree hairstyle is sure included in your plans.Beach hairstyles are plentiful and come with the added benefits of easy at-home styling. All you need do is get yourself a decent haircut and some summer-ready colour.

Our stylists can suggest fun and creative beach hairstyles that you are sure to love. Simply give us a call on one of the numbers below to find out more.

Plaited Summer Hairstyles

Plaits give the best boho vibe and make you look super chilled, whilst keeping hair out of your face when dealing with the sea breeze. With plaits you do not have to spend hours battling with your curls or drying your locks, they require minimal attention but will make you the centre of attention at the beach. Rock your plaits to your taste – you can wear them high on the crown, low side plaits or you can be bold with a halo braid.

Summer Hairstyles – High & Low Ponytails

Ponytails are easy to wear; all you need is a great hair tie and good hair brush. With both items, you have unlimited styling options for your ponytail. Low ponytails require minimal maintenance, perfect for your beach trips. High ponytails are great for your cheekbones in summer, since it is usually too hot for contour. You can switch things at night and wear your ponytail low and to a side for that perfect night-time look. You can also use your styling wand to add some waves to hair to perfect your smoky night-time look.

Summer Hair Accessories

In a situation where you get your hair all wet and messy and do not know what to do with it, here is a simple solution – cover it up but with style! There are so many beautiful and sultry hair accessories that will compliment your summer look. Hats are perfect because they cover you up whilst protecting your hair from the sun. Flowers and scarfs are also great as they give you a more colourful look.

Slicked Back Hair for Summer

If you have wild and stubborn hair, then you often just want it slicked back. This helps get the hair out of your face, whilst giving a youthful and chic look if you take care of the hair.

Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer

Top knots are also easy to create, and they take hair away from the face too! They are an ideal summer beach look for ladies and guys with long hair. To get the perfect top knot, brush your hair thoroughly, tie it to a ponytail high up the crown with a beautiful band. Twist your hair till it becomes a knot, then secure it with another band. If you feel like it, you can wear a new look with two top knots.

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