Food & Drink Inspired Hair Colours

The Best Food and Drink Inspired Hair Colours to Try This Year at Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Islington, Fitzrovia and Blackheath

Who says brown hair has to be boring? Contrary to what you might think, those with blonde or red hair aren’t the only ones who have a variety of shades to play with when it comes to hair colour. From warm chestnut to a dark chocolate brown and everything in between, there are so many brunette shades you can choose from at our Aveda Hair Salons in London for gorgeous brown hair that’s anything but blah.

Whether you’re thinking of dyeing your hair brown or looking for a way to revamp your already brunette strands, here are the best food and drink inspired hair colour trends for brunettes for 2019.

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Deep Chocolate Hair Colour

Dark chocolate is delicious, and we have to admit that it also makes for a sensational hair colour! If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and going for a deep brown hair colour, then why not give this dark hue a try? Dark chocolate hair looks great on those with light eye colours because it creates such a stunning contrast.

Mocha Latte Locks at Fresh Lifestyle Salons

Take a little bit of inspiration from things around you—in this case, your coffee. There’s nothing better than a warm cup of java on a cool rainy day. Let your mocha latte be your guide by choosing a brown hair colour that matches your favourite beverage. This rich brown shade has reddish undertones that suit all skin tones.

Cold Brew Hair Colour

We’re all about food and beverage-inspired colours, and cold brew hair is the perfect way to cool off your look for summer. Think about what happens when you splash milk into your iced coffee and you’ll know exactly what this hair colour looks like. Even better, the colour is as bespoke as your coffee order!

Espresso Coloured Lengths

Prefer to stay on the dark side? Why not try an espresso hair colour? Very nearly black in colour, this deep, rich brown hue has cool undertones, making it the perfect hair colour for those who have a warmer skin tone.

Caramel Latte Coloured Hair

A combination of rich browns and buttery blondes, caramel latte hair is rightly named after one of our favourite warm beverages. This highlighted hair colour is ideal for brunettes who are looking to add some warmth to their mane without switching to a full head of caramel colour.

Cinnamon Inspired Hair Colour

This red-brown hair colour is ideal for those who want to add warmth to their beauty look. You can opt for an all-over wash of colour or customise the look with balayage highlights of varying cinnamon shades.

Chili Chocolate – Spicy Brunette Hair Colour

Did we mention brown hair pairs beautifully with red tones? Another red-tinted hair colour trend to try is chili chocolate hair. The colour involves natural-looking auburn balayage highlights painted onto a brunette base for stunning dimension.

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