Going Blonde – Your Questions Answered

All You Need To Know About Going Blonde – Top Tips from Fresh Lifestyle Hair Salons in Fitzrovia, Blackheath and Islington

Are you thinking of unleashing your inner blonde?  At Fresh Lifestyle, your hair is in safe hands as our team of highly trained professional hair colourists have all the skills needed to create the perfect blonde hair look.  It’s important we perfectly capture your desired colour, so please book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation prior to your appointment.  In the meantime, check out this article, which tells you everything you need to know about transforming your look and going blonde!

Will Blonde Hair Suit Me?

Yes!  You are completely free to choose whichever blonde shade you like, but the hair experts at our salons in Fitzrovia, Islington and Blackheath have some helpful tips about the shades that would make you look amazing.  Here’s a quick guide:

Pale Skin Tones:  try out light, golden or strawberry blondes – they’d be perfect for you.

Medium Skin Tones:  golden or honey blondes would look great on you.  You could also try out beige blondes or light blondes with warm tones.

Dark Skin Tones: warmer, darker blondes such as golden blondes or caramels would look stunning on you.

If you see a particular blonde style that captures your imagination, show a photo of it to your hairdresser and we can turn your idea into a reality. 

What Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?

The options are almost infinite!  Some of the popular blonde styles here at Fresh Lifestyle are balayage and highlights.  In terms of colours, silver-grey tones, platinum ice-white blondes and golden blondes are very popular right now.  Alternatively, why not try a beautiful retro buttery blonde?

What Blonde Hair Colouring Techniques Do You Offer?

You don’t have to be careful what you wish for here at our salons in Fitzrovia, Islington and Blackheath –  our expert hair colour technicians can work their magic to tailor any look you choose to suit you, creating beautiful, bespoke styles every time.  Click here to find out about some of the hair colour services we offer.

Examples of hair colour techniques for you to try include…

·         Foiling/ Babylights/ Microlights/ Scatterings

·         Colour Panels or Flashlights

·         All-Over Hair Colour

·         Glossing to Enhance Colour & Shine

·         Ombré, Balayage & Root Stretching

·         Colour Melting

·         Multi-Toning

How Much Will It Cost To Go Blonde?

Prices can vary greatly based on the length and condition of your hair, as well as the blonde style you want to achieve.  Book in for your free professional consultation today and we’ll you what’s involved in the process and give you a no-obligation quote.  Our price list will also give you an idea of how much all of our hair colour services cost.

Can Brunettes Go Blonde?

Yes!  But it’s important to bear in mind that a transition from brown to blonde takes more time than a transition from blonde to blonder.  At your hair colour consultation, we’ll explain the process, the colour that will be produced and length of time required to produce the end result, as well as the price range you’d be looking at.

Will Going Blonde Ruin The Condition Of My Hair?

The advancement and increased accessibility of state-of-the-art haircare products means we can protect and even strengthen your hair during the process of going blonde.  At Fresh Lifestyle Hair Salons in London, we use state-of-the-art hair treatment from Aveda’s Enlightener Blonding System to create the beautiful blonde look you’ve always wanted while keeping your hair in the best possible condition.

What Are The Benefits of Having Blonde Hair?

Each shade of blonde has a different character.  Whether you want to look innocent or to portray a sun-kissed beach style, blondes are a great way to add elements of your personality to your hair.

When you go blonde, you’re not just going for one colour – blonde hues let you play around with exciting colours.  Temporary tints such as quirky pastel shades or hair chalks show up brilliantly on blonde hair, so you can almost try out a different shade for every mood and outfit.

Blonde shades have always wielded the power to turn heads.  In choosing to go blonde, you could join the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Cameron Diaz and Brigitte Bardot!

Are There Any Disadvantages To Having Blonde Hair?

If you choose an all-over blonde colour, you’ll need to make a quick trip to our salon to have your root regrowth touched up roughly every 8 weeks. Highlights are much less obvious but to keep them looking fabulous you can have a T-section cover-up around every 8 weeks if you choose. Because balayage looks so natural, it’s even lower maintenance and you may not need to visit the salon for even longer.

If you want to give your colour a boost we can apply toners and glossing treatments to your hair, although we’d call this a benefit more than a disadvantage – at Fresh Lifestyle Hair and Beauty Salon, we make it our job to pamper you!

How Do I Stop My Blonde Hair Looking Washed Out?

As an official Aveda stockist, we offer a wide range of top quality hair care products to protect your hair colour.  Purple shampoos are essential if you want to eliminate the brassy tones in your blonde hairstyle.  Clarifying purple shampoo showcases the cooler tones in your blonde hair, whereas deep purple shampoo can nourish and protect hair while making it more shiny.  

Do You Offer Colour Correction Services?

We’ve all heard DIY hair dye horror stories.  If disaster strikes for you, we’re here to help and can correct your hair colour.

Book in as soon as possible for a consultation so we can assess the problem and work on a strategy to get it looking stunningly healthy in no time.

How Do I Book In For My New Blonde Hair Colour?

Book into Fresh Lifestyle Hair & Beauty Salons in Blackheath, Fitzrovia or Islington using the links below or you can book online.  Please remember that we offer free hair colour consultations and it is also important you come in for a simple patch test 48 hours prior to any colour appointment.


For appointment bookings and availability enquiries please telephone the salons or book online