Healthy Winter Skin Tips

How to Get Healthy Skin This Winter at Fresh Lifestyle Salons & Beauty Spas in Blackheath, Islington & Fitzrovia

winter beauty tips, hair & beauty salons in Islington, Blackheath & Fitzrovia, LondonCold weather often results in dry air, which then steals moisture away from the skin. Harsh winter winds and indoor heat further rob the air of moisture, leaving our skin more prone to dryness and itching. Without proper care, dry skin can lead to terrible cracking and sensitivity.

At Fresh Lifestyle Hair Salons & Spa in Blackheath, Fitzrovia and Islington, our experienced skin and beauty therapists are trained to give you a range of luxury Aveda facial treatments to leave your skin fully hydrated and vibrant this winter.

We will analyse your skin before suggesting the correct treatment.  

Follow our top winter skin tips to start improving the overall health of your skin this winter.

TIP 1:  Hydrate Your Skin with an Aveda Facial at Fresh Lifestyle Beauty Salons

We prescribe a healthy range of Aveda facial treatments to treat dry skin – from skin re-balancing treatments, skin restoration treatments to acne relief facial treatments –  and will advise on the best treatment. 

TIP 2:  Drink Plenty of Water to Hydrate & Improve Skin’s Appearance

Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Health authorities commonly recommend we drink 2 litres of water per day (8 to 10 glasses) to maintain good health. Water helps keep the body well hydrated, which is essential maintaining clear and glowing skin.

TIP 3:  Get Clearer Skin with an Aveda Outer Peace™ Acne Relief Facial

Clearer skin can be yours with Aveda’s botanical approach to treating acne, personalised with extractions and professional exfoliation using the Outer Peace™ skincare system. This is the perfect Acne relief treatment to help reduce skin redness and skin irritation, resulting in harmonised, clearer skin. Give us a call for further information and our expert beauty therapists in Blackheath or Islington, will advise you on its suitability to your skin. 

TIP 4:  Prevent Dry Skin by Moisturising Regularly

Some over-the-counter moisturisers have petroleum-based ingredients that can dry your skin in the winter months. Opt for an oil-based skin care product formulated with natural, nourishing ingredients, as it’s more likely to help your skin retain moisture in the winter months. We offer a range of caring Aveda skin care beauty products which you can take home to maintain a healthy skincare regimen this winter.

TIP 5: Reduce Stress with an Aveda Elemental Nature™ Massage

Cold weather can cause the body to become tense, resulting in decreased circulation. Good circulation is vital to having bright and healthy skin. This winter, you can relieve tension and reduce mental stress with our customised massage experience.  Based on Aveda’s Elemental Nature™ philosophy, this is a great massage treatment to help improve circulation and involves using a variety of massage techniques together with your favourite Aveda aroma.

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