Red Hair Colour Trends 2019

Fun, Fierce & Flirty – Get The Best Red Hair Colours at Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Islington, Blackheath & Fitzrovia

Red hair is more than a colour, it’s an attitude. If you’re a red head, the chances are you are fun, fierce and ready to take on the world! If you either have the recessive red hair gene genetically passed down from your parents, or simply desire this hair shade, then you’re in the right place. At Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Islington, Blackheath & Fitzrovia we are the experts in creating sensational red hair colour.

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Copper Hair Colours at top Aveda Hair Salon

Bright copper hair colour is vivid and intense – like a new penny!  It’s an exciting choice for blondes who want to change their hair colour. Get ready to stand out in a crowd – this is a hair colour that gets noticed!

Auburn Hair Colour at Top London Hair Colour Salons

A beautiful auburn shade is a great way to warm up a brunette hair colour. It’s an eye-catching hair colour, and it’s bound to catch the light in all the right ways. Auburn is a beautiful hair colour for someone that doesn’t want a big change. Auburn hair colour is a subtle shade that will still make your hair ‘pop’

Dark Red Hair Shades with Aveda Hair Colours

Brighten up your dark hair with a striking dark red hair colour. Choose from deep cherry red hair, velvety red tones or plum hair colour. The possibilities are endless with dark red hair colour. The dark tones work well against pale complexions and with Halloween just around the corner, this vampish look is perfect for the spooky holiday!

Fashionable Red Hair Colours at Fresh Lifestyle Salons

Vibrant red hair is a sure-fire way to grab attention. Choose a dramatic shade such as fire engine red or a ruby red hair colour. These colours look fantastic when paired with a pale, porcelain complexion and with light blue or light green eyes.

Red Highlights or Balayage for Red Hair

Red highlights can be added to darker hair colours to add dimension. Add red highlights to a natural red hair colour to brighten and enrich your locks. Ask your Fresh Lifestyle stylist to try balayage highlights for a modern, natural effect. 

Maintaining Your Red Hair Colour with Fresh Lifestyle Salons

Red hair colour tends to fade more quickly than other hair colours, speak to your Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Islington, Blackheath & Fitzrovia hair colour expert about the best products to maintain your vibrant red hair colour.

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