Sophisticated Short Hairstyles

Short & Chic Hairstyles at Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Fitzrovia, Blackheath and Islington

One of the top hairstyle trends this year is for chic, short hair, so if you’re thinking of going for the chop, now is the ideal time to do it!

At Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Fitzrovia, Blackheath and Islington, we are the experts at fashionable hair cuts and styles and can find the perfect short haircut for you. What are you waiting for, call us for an appointment today!

The best short hair styles in your area




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If you’re not sure which short hairstyle would be best for you, book in for a consultation at our London hair salons today. It’s important to consider all the short hairstyle options available to you before committing to a big chop!

Short Hairstyles For Fine or Thinning Hair

Are you concerned about fine or thinning hair? Our experts can help to make fine hair look thicker with the right short haircut. Speak to your Aveda hair specialist who can advise you on how to style your new short hairstyle at home. 

Brilliant Bob Hairstyles at Top Aveda Hair Salons

The bob is the classic short hairstyle. Bob hairstyles don’t have to be super short, you can also choose a long or mid-length bob. The Fresh Lifestyle hair specialists are sure to find the perfect bob hairstyle to suit your face shape and individual style. From long, layered bobs, bobs with fringes and face slimming bobs – there’s a bob to suit everyone!

Classic Pixie Cuts at London Hair Salons

Made famous by Audrey Hepburn, the pixie haircut is a timeless classic that is incredibly versatile. The pixie cut is a fabulous hairstyle that can be worn tousled during the daytime, and slicked back from your forehead for a sophisticated evening look. Ask your Fresh Lifestyle Hair specialist about the best hair styling products for your trendy new pixie cut hairstyle.

Short Layered Hairstyles at Top Aveda Hair Salons in London

Ask the Aveda hair specialists at Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spas in London to add interest to your short hairstyle by cutting in some layers. If you have thick hair, we can add shape to your hairstyle by adding layers in to remove weight from the hair. If you have finer hair, we’ll use precision cutting to add in layers, which will give you a soft short hairstyle that looks thick and has lots of movement! 

Book A Short Hair Makeover at Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Fitzrovia, Blackheath and Islington

If it’s time to transform your look, why not try a super chic, short hairstyle? We know that we can find a short style that will suit you and your lifestyle. Book in for a hair makeover at Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Fitzrovia, Blackheath and Islington, by calling us on the links below or book online here.

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