Spring Beauty Tips – Tackling Rosacea with Aveda

Rosacea Treatments at Fresh Lifestyle Salons & Spas in Fitzrovia, Blackheath & Islington

April is Rosacea Awareness Month and as we head into spring, sunshine and warmer weather can cause an increase in flare-ups of rosacea symptoms including redness and flushing. At Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Fitzrovia, Blackheath & Islington, we have a range of Aveda products and treatments available that can help to keep your rosacea under control.

Spring Beauty Tips - Tackling Rosacea with Aveda

Treating Rosacea with Aveda

Suffers of rosacea know that it can be tricky finding the right products to calm inflammation and reduce redness. Though the cause of rosacea is unknown, it is treatable. As official Aveda stockists in Blackheath, Fitzrovia and Islington, our team of beauty therapists take a synergetic approach to healing and relieving the effects of skin conditions such as rosacea. Our customisable services, treatments, and products address imbalances in a person’s “elemental nature.”

Aveda, steeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda, not only treats the skin topically, but internally. This holistic approach brings the mind, body, and spirit into balance. We do this by coming to understand a person’s “elemental nature” – an imbalance in their constitution based on the elements, similar to doshas in Ayurveda. The elements fire, earth, ether, water, and air are expressed as:

Fire: Sensitive, inflamed, irritated skin.
Water/Earth: Oily, combination skin.
Infinity/Air: Dry, dehydrated, combination skin.

When the skin is out of balance, it may exhibit any of the above traits. Rosacea, being “fire”, is characterized by dilation of blood vessels; redness; and dry, sensitive skin, that may sting or burn, on the nose and cheeks. It usually appears in adults over thirty, and if severe, it is accompanied by papules and pustules. And, in rare cases, rosacea that is not treated may cause permanent effects, such as thickening of the skin or loss of vision. It may also cause knobby bumps on the nose, called rhinophyma. Over time, it can give the nose a swollen, waxy look. But most cases of rosacea don’t progress this far.

Aveda brings rosacea into balance in several ways: products, treatments, helpful tips, and recommendations. Aveda’s sensitive line is a great first step to balancing the condition.

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