The 7 Skin Sins You Could be Committing

The Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Skin – Ask The Experts at Fresh Lifestyle Spa & Salons in Blackheath, Fitzrovia and Islington

A number of factors are known to affect your skin adversely, including smoking, eating sugar, drinking alcohol, not sleeping well or not sleeping enough, and getting a sunburn. Even if you avoid all these behaviours, you still may have skincare-related habits that — even though they may seem harmless — are actually damaging your skin.

The Aveda skincare experts at Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spas in Blackheath, Fitzrovia and Islington list the most common skincare offenders below…

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Skin Sin 1 : Neglecting Sunscreen

Sunscreen SPF 50, Fresh Lifestyle, Salon, Spa, Facial Experts, Aveda, Islignton, Fitzrovia, BlackheatUVB rays—the ones responsible for burning—are much stronger during the summer, but UVA rays are strong even in the winter.

UVAs won’t burn your skin usually, but they do contribute significantly to the signs of ageing, such and wrinkles and age spots, as well as skin cancer.

Protect yourself all year round by using a moisturiser that contains SPF 30 as a minimum. 

Skin Sin 2 : Sleeping With a Dirty Face

In an ideal world, you’d wash your face in the morning and before bed each night. If this is a struggle for you, it’s better to at least wash your face before you go to sleep. Sleeping with makeup, oil, and other impurities on your face can block your pores and lead to breakouts. Cell renewal is reduced when you sleep with a dirty face, so it is important for looking radiant and youthful!

Ask your Fresh specialist about the best deep cleansing products to use before you sleep each night, and back in the radiance of your own face in the morning!

Skin Sin 3 : Too Hot Showers

Showers, Skincare, Fresh Lifestyle, Salon, Spa, Facial Experts, Aveda, Islignton, Fitzrovia, BlackheathSteamy showers may do wonders for sore muscles and feel fantastic after a long day at work, but they’re guaranteed to turn your skin into a dry, flaky mess. Hot water can strip skin of essential moisture and oils, leaving it looking red and feeling itchy – which may lead to scratching and skin infections. This can worsen already dry skin, aggravating conditions like eczema and rosacea.

Top tip: If your mirror gets steamed up, the water is probably too hot.

Pat, rather than rub, yourself dry and apply a moisturising lotion or oil to your still-damp skin to lock in moisture.

Skin Sin 4 : Squeezing, Itching & Popping Spots

Whether you’re tempted by an unsightly spot or a dry patch of skin, the consequences of being hands-on with your face can be ugly. Picking will increase inflammation and may lead to permanent scarring. Scratching may appear to bring some relief to skin conditions like eczema, but it will ultimately make the problem worse. Scratching increases the sensitivity of your nerve endings and causes your skin to feel even more itchy.

Avoid touching your face, wash your hands regularly and continue to moisturise daily. If you have a lesion or blemish which doesn’t appear to heal, you should speak with your GP. 

Skin Sin 5 : Excessive Exfoliation

Salt Scrub, Exfoliation, Fresh Lifestyle, Salon & Spa, Islington, Blackheath, IslingtonSloughing away the layer of dead cells from your skin’s surface is a fantastic way to look more radiant and youthful, unless you overdo it. More people are using retinoids (Retinol), AHA’s or mechanical cleansers without realising that these also exfoliate the skin. If you are using these on top of conventional scrubs, you could be damaging your skin. 

If your skin is starting to look inflamed, try to reduce the chemical and mechanical exfoliators, and give your skin a break from being scrubbed up the wrong way!

Skin Sin 6 : Using The Wrong Products For Your Skin

We often fall into the habit of wearing the same skincare products each year with no visible improvement, simply because it’s what we’ve always used. Choosing the right skincare product is often a process of trial and error. Finding a balanced skincare routine that works for you can be a challenging process, especially if you have skin conditions such as eczema. If your skin burns, stings, looks red, flaky or excessively oily after using a certain skincare product, it probably means that it’s not appropriate for your skin type. 

You should aim to stick to the products that are targeted for your particular skin type to avoid ingredients that are not beneficial. Speak to your Fresh facial expert about which products are best suited for your skin’s needs. 

Skin Sin 7 : Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeping, Get Enough Sleep, Fresh Lifestyle, Islington, Blackheath, FitzroviaGetting less than seven hours of shut-eye can make your skin look more dull and make any fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. Your skin can rebound from the occasional late night, especially when you’re young, but a few in a row will catch up with you.

If you have trouble falling asleep, don’t start a new show at 10pm or stay up scrolling through your social media feeds! A warm shower or bath before bed is much better for inducing sleep, try to avoid caffeine after 6pm.


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