The Best Nude Nail Colours For Every Skin Tone

How To Choose The Best Nude Nail Colour For Your Skin Tone at Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Blackheath, Islington & Fitzrovia

It is a common misconception that the best nude nail colours are ones that match the tone of the skin on your fingertips, but that is not the case! To make your nude nail colour pop this year, the experts at Fresh Lifestyle Salons in Islington, Blackheath and Fitzrovia have compiled a list of the best nude nail colours for your skin tone…..

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The Best Nude Shades For Darker Skin Tones

As with a foundation, there are nail polishes with different undertones. However, unlike foundations, your nail polish should not match your skin colour but it should enhance it. If you match your skin tone exactly, the nail colour can wash out your skin, you should aim to go a couple of shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. 

Many sheer nudes had pink or whiter undertones which do not work as well for darker skin tones, instead your should try a sheer nude with beige undertones. This beige colour balances the nail bed colour to the skin colour while still maintaining a sheer clean look. 

The Best Nude Shades for Medium Skin Tones

For those with medium skin tones, such as olive skinned beauties, our Fresh Lifestyle nail specialists recommend that you try a nail nude nail colour with hints of pink or peach. Peachy nail colours will make a medium skin tone really “pop”!

The Best Nude Shades for Fair Skin Tones

The best flawless nude nail manicure will subtly showcase your nails, and with fair skinned ladies, the world of nude nail polishes is your oyster! We would recommend a pale shade of nude with white tones. 

Nude Nail Art for All Skin Tones

Following nail colour trends can sometimes become exhausting, however nude nails will never go out of fashion. Sometimes we do want to make our nude polish stand out in a fun way, which makes nail art ideas in nudes our little life savers. Whether it’s a pop of glitter on an accent nail, jewels or intricate gold detailing – in the world of nude nail art, there’s so many variations to choose from!

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