Why Are Regular Facials Important And How Do They Benefit Your Skin?

Facial Treatments at Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Islington, Blackheath & Fitzrovia

Facials at Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa, Islington, Blackheath, Fitzrovia

Facials are mostly seen as something you treat yourself to occasionally, but there are actually many reasons why your therapist will encourage you to have a facial on a regular basis. At Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Islington, Blackheath & Fitzrovia, we offer the best Aveda facial treatments to suit your individual skin needs, all performed by our team of highly experienced beauty therapists.

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Why Do I Need a Facial?

Every day our skin faces pollution, dirt, grime, and dead skin cells accumulating on the face, and unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to avoid this. We can do our best to keep it clean but often this isn’t enough and our skin often doesn’t get the thorough attention it needs. We can end up spending a small fortune on skin products that go to waste when in the long run, regular facials are often more affordable and effective.

What Happens to Your Skin During a Facial

During a facial your Aveda facial therapist deeply cleanses and exfoliates the face, this allows your skincare products to fully absorb and do their jobs properly. You will find that you need to use less of your product, making your skincare products last longer and saving you money. You will notice that after having a facial your make-up goes on more smoothly and evenly. Facial’s will also improve the tone, texture and elasticity of your skin which can be caused by air pollution and sun exposure, this will save you money on expensive anti-aging products and procedures.

One of the most important steps in a facial is exfoliation. This step helps to encourage the growth of new, healthy skin cells. This is great news for all skin types, particularly those wanting to improve the appearance of acne scars. Unlike many skin care products that are on the market, the results are instant. After just one facial, you are sure to see immediate improvement in the appearance of your skin, which is why your Fresh Lifestyle therapist will recommend appropriate homecare products to ensure those improvements continue.

How Regularly Should I Have a Facial Treatment?

It is recommended that to keep your skin in top condition, you should have a facial once a month. In between your facials you should look after your skin by washing your face a moisturising daily. The most important thing to apply to your skin daily is some form of sun protection, even in the winte. This is essential to prevent the damage that the sun causes to our skin, ensure that your moisturisers and foundations contain SPF.

The Fresh Lifestyle skin experts will carry out extractions during your facial, this will prevent any long-term damage that you might be causing to your skin at home by picking or squeezing spots. It is likely that you will find that by having regular facials at our London salons you need no longer need to pick and pop your spots yourself.

Be sure to book in with one of our Aveda skin experts to start your journey to flawless and fabulous skin.

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