Winter Hair Colour Trends

2017 Winter Hair Colours at Fresh Lifestyle Hair Salons and Spas in London – Fitzrovia, Blackheath & Islington

Hair colour trends are getting bolder than ever and here at Fresh Lifestyle Hair Salons & Beauty Spas in London, we are always one step ahead. Our expert hair colour technicians love creating beautiful colours with every hair colour trend that comes shining along. From classic blonde and brunette hair colours, to the bold and trending rose gold and silver grey hair colours, we can it all. Book in for a detailed hair colour consultation with one of our technicians and let us create a stunning new hair style and colour for you.

Subtle Balayage Hair Colour Trend for 2017

Balayage is one of the hottest hair colour trends and shows no signs of slowing down. Although the trend for Balayage ‘two tone’ hair colour remains hot, we expect to see a move towards more subtle colours. This technique suits many different hair colours from golden blondes to chocolate brunettes. The idea is to create light and shade using a freehand motion to ‘paint’ highlights throughout your hair. The result is a stunning sun-kissed hair colour. 

Silver Grey Hair Colours 

It’s the unlikely hair trend of the year, but recently it’s been everywhere and has been taking over social media. It is a stunning blend of platinum and silver shades to give your hair that extra vibrancy. As with any new trend seek expert hands here at Fresh Hair and Beauty Salons in London. Simply give us a call and one of our hair colour technicians will assist you.

Rose Gold Hair Colour Trend

This stunning blend of red, pink, and blonde shades suits people of all ages and ethnicities and has been sported by many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. If you are not ready for a full hair colour change, you can opt for pink or raspberry highlights instead.

Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at Fresh Lifestyle Salon and Spa in Fitzrovia, Blackheath or Islington

Fresh Lifestyle Hair Salon has various locations throughout London. Give our expert team a call on any of the following locations:

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Please Note: We are committed to colour safety and ask that all our clients undertake a colour skin test at leat 48 hours before any colour service, if you have not had your hair coloured with us before or for at least six months. 

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